Pokemon Go: The Problem of Having a Group of Small Players Controlling Gyms

Pokemon Go has grown a lot since its release in July. Many new features have been added and new Pokemon are beginning to be introduced into the game. Over the past months, we have also seen how teams have grown and which ones have really dominated the scene ( I am looking at you Team Mystic). What I want to do here is just offer some insights and thoughts on the possible effects of having one team or a small group of players controlling gyms over the game and what it means to the community in general.

First of all, this isn’t an article that bashes on Team Mystic or any other team for that matter. It is an objective view on the Pokemon community. Also, I am sure that there is some cities or town that Team Mystic isn’t the top dog. In most cases though and especially in some small towns or cities, team blue is controlling most of the gyms if not a small group of players. Let’s talk about what that means.

Gyms are vital because each day you have a Pokemon in a gym you get free credits. 10 credits for every Pokemon in a gym. For players who don’t have money, the free credits each day is important for them so that they can continue to train and get stronger Pokemon. The problem is that if the same group of people controls several gyms preventing other players from obtaining them then a gap is slowly formed. What exactly is that gap? Mostly it is a gap in level. Lucky eggs are one of the most important items and the most purchased one. The players who are constantly in control of gyms are able to obtain more lucky eggs and more incubators which allow them to get stronger Pokemon and reach higher levels quickly. This creates the gap that could affect the game in a negative way in the long run.

Working as a team to conquer gyms is not against the rules, in fact, Niantic encourages this. The problem is that in many cities not all teams are even, in terms of numbers. Also, not all teams are well organized, some are better organized than others. So what are the possible solutions? I think having team organizers in cities and towns is very important. These organizers can help gather their respective teams. Niantic can help by providing monthly in-game events that require team collaboration. Prizes can be provided, all in an effort to create a strong community for Pokemon Go and encourage higher team collaboration.




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