Pokémon GO: There Has Been Some Weird Nest Behaviour

Hey all, after spending some time on the Pokémon Go forum on Reddit’s The Silph Road, I have discovered that some trainers are seeing some weird nest behaviour.

One player has seen near their hometown a nest act quite strangely, its meant to be an Omanyte nest and it has been since the last migration however; it has begun to act differently recently.

Lately the species have begun to change daily, one day it was a Sandshrew, then Goldeen, Slowpoke and now its apparently Abra.

All of these spawns have been happening near a known Omanyte nest, around the same Poke-Stops.

Is it a glitch? Is Niantic changing the nest mechanics again? Is this area simply not a nest anymore? Who knows.

But for now all we know is that this trainer is not the only one seeing this, with many other players also seeing their nests changing daily all around the world, according to the Silph Road.




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