Pokemon GO: This Needs To Be Changed!

We all know by now that rural players have a difficult time with completing high tier raids. While Well populated areas have an over abundance of trainers waiting to get in the raid lobby. This means trainers will be left out and more than likely won’t get to participate in high tier raids very often.

However, it’s a little more annoying than just missing out. You still have to use your one-time use raid pass to get in the raid, rather you actually get to fight the boss or not. Some trainers can attempt to solo high tier raids, although, it’s pretty much just a waste. Trainers believe they should be compensated for their lost raid pass by having the pass be returned to them if the boss isn’t completed. There could be a better solution though, that won’t defeat the purpose of the passes.

While trainers aren’t able to through Pokemon within the gym while raid battles are going on. Niantic should add an option to view the raid lobby if there is one started. That way trainers don’t have to waste any raid passes just to see if anyone else is waiting for people.

It may seem a little useless, however, there are several people who still join in the raid, even if you can’t see them. They could either be anti-social people or spoofers. Either way, it would be nice to know if the boss and be defeated or it you shouldn’t waste a raid pass before you actually use a pass.



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