Pokemon GO: This Unwanted Rare Pokemon Is Spawning More Frequently

There are several rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO at the moment. Most of them are rare because of the biomes they spawn in. Making it hard for trainers outside of the certain biome to catch the Pokemon. However, there is one Pokemon that’s decently rare, but not well liked.

After the double bonus event started, trainers had started noticing this Pokemon more and more. In fact, I was able to catch 5 of them last night! Aside from the point, it’s hard to tell rather or not you will receive this Pokemon upon catching or not.

Several trainers are catching all the unwanted annoying Pokemon right now, in hopes to reach a higher level before the event ends. This means catching all the Pokemon Ditto has a chance of being. Nothing like hoping to collect enough of those Pokemon and their candies to mass evolve, only to find out it was another Ditto.

However, Ditto will serve a better purpose when breeding comes out. It’s only a matter of time when Niantic finally gets that feature out though. Because it’s uncertain of how breeding will work. Keeping only the best of the Ditto’s you have will do. That way you don’t have an inventory full of Ditto’s, waiting for the update.



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