Pokemon GO Update: London Ads Possibly Tease Summer 2017 Event

New Pokemon GO-related ads have been put up in London. Potentially these ads were put up to prepare for the Summer 2017 event. Here’s what we know about these potential Pokemon GO update teasers.

London Ads

As revealed by arthurmauk on the SilphRoad subreddit, two large Pokemon GO ads are plastered in London’s subways. However, the ads look generic and don’t have much information about the upcoming Summer 2017 event. The ads puts some Pokemon GO trivia and an active Pokemon Gym near it. Niantic might be referencing the upcoming updates for Summer 2017.

Potential Gym Rework Tease

Fans on another arthurmauk thread speculate that these London Ads could be about a Gym rework tease. According to GamePress’ Pokemon GO tier list, Snorlax is a viable Tier 2 Gym defender while Venusaur is not. Snorlax has been a strong pick for both attacking and defending Gyms since the game launched last year. Potentially Niantic might be planning to roll out changes that’ll make Venusaur viable as a Gym defender this Summer.

Currently, the Pokemon GO gyms have a simple system where players claim Gyms through defeating other players owning it. This competitive cycle is decided through stiff combat where players must defeat the defending Pokemon through repeated attacks while dodging its attacks. The player have also found the best and worst Pokemon for competing in these Gyms. It’s definitely timely for a Pokemon GO gym rework soon.

Summer 2017 Events and Updates

Niantic has yet to announce an update this Summer 2017. Pokemon GO’s anniversary is due July and Niantic might push out an event for that. As for other events beyond the anniversary, Niantic has yet to announce any of them. Fans would love another event similar to the Adventure Week as it boosted wild Pokemon encounter rates and buddy Pokemon Candy generation.

Niantic promises to release a PvP mode and Legendary Pokemon this Summer. Legendary Pokemon are strong and useful by default which could make them great additions to Pokemon GO gyms and the upcoming PvP mode.These are major updates as it’ll make Pokemon GO have a solid competitive avenue rather than just fighting Gym defenders controlled by AI.



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