Pokémon GO Will Need These Candy Changes

Pokémon GO has had a great run so far. The addition of the second generation of Pokémon has really brought new life to the game. If Niantic wants another surge of new and returning players like the one gen two recently brought about, they will need to add generation three to Pokémon GO. While it will be at least a year before we see the third generation enter the game, concerns have already arisen about how players will handle three generations of Pokémon.

One of the biggest concerns players have deals with the amount of candy they will be able to gather. When generation three hits there will be hundreds of Pokémon in game. Collecting enough candy to evolve three generations of Pokémon to their final evolutions could prove to be nearly impossible. Normally candy are Pokémon specific. Trainers would have to catch a certain amount of that specific Pokémon to evolve it, but what if candies were simpler? What if candies were not gathered for a specific Pokémon, but a specific type of Pokémon?

Let’s say a trainer catches a Pikachu. Normally they would get a few Pikachu candies which could be used to evolve Pikachu or power up Pikachu and Raichu. With this system these candies can only be used on two specific Pokémon, but if candies were based on type, the candies could be used on any electric type Pokémon. That way candies could be more efficient and trainers could evolve more Pokémon.



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