Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Is Out, Datamine Spoils the Pokedex Fun


The Pokemon Company has been steadily teasing new ‘mons, Alolan forms, characters, and even the Ultra Beasts coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

But following the release of the demo for the game, it’s not really unexpected that fans have started digging into the files to see what they can find. And from the new videos released by one YouTuber Kaphotics, they found basically everything there is to see in thePokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex.

The video showcases the datamined details in three parts, and there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to know other forms and Pokemon coming ahead of the official trailers, don’t press play.

If that’s not enough, some Twitter sources even leaked a couple of new things (via Kotaku). Some serve as confirmation, such as the final evolutions of the three starters—Popplio isn’t looking so bad now, huh? Though Rowlet looks like the fiercest of the three.

Ultra Beasts were also leaked in the demo. And there may be a total of eight UBs, at least that’s what’s included in the demo for now.

Whether or not GameFreak and The Pokemon Company are planning to remove the files in the demo remains to be seen. To be fair, they do roll out some official trailers quickly enough the moment a major leak for Pokemon Sun and Moon happens.



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