Pokemon To Use The Pinap Berry For

The Pinap berry is the berry that completely blew the minds of players away, and changed the way catching Pokemon worked. Instead of increasing the chances of catching a Pokemon. This berry allowed for double candies.

When generation two came out, collecting candy changed as well as encounter mechanics. Bringing in another berry, the Nanab Berry. The Nanab berry slows the Pokemon’s movement down. This gives us a total of three berries to collect from Pokestop’s

The drop chances of each berry, though, are fairly different from one another. Mostly because of the effects these berries have. Niantic didn’t an complete overuse of one type of berry (Pinap berry). You can find the drop chances for each berry here in this article The Odds Of Getting A Pinap Berry.

Pokemon GO: Get The Most Out Of Pinap Berries goes over a bit more on how to get the most out of them. However, here is a list of Pokemon you should use a Pinap berry for no matter what… unless they are common around you.

Well, why bother wasting a Pinap berry on these Pokemon? They all share one thing in common and that is they aren’t hatchable or no longer hatchable. You can use Pinap berries on rare Pokemon as well, however. Don’t expect to collect candies from hatching these Pokemon.




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