PokemonGO: Glitch let’s you hatch eggs super fast!

If you play Pokemon Go, you probably know how does the Speed Limit work – after you go past a certain speed at which you move, it activates, preventing you catching any wild Pokemon or hatching eggs really fast. During game’s lifetime, it’s been changed countless times, tweaked and rebalanced.

Lately it got very restrictive, however I personally it was a good chance as it focuses on the walking aspect of Pokemon GO. But users claim that they found a way to break the system and even hatch eggs or earn buddy candies in a car!

First of all, launch the app. Log in and then head over to the egg screen. When you see all your eggs, minimize the game. Then just proceed to the mean of transportation of your choice and get on the move. After you bring the game back up, your eggs should start to pop and your buddy should find more candy!

But watch out. Seems like the time is the biggest factor here. According to the reports, the glitch tends to fail after you keep the game minimized for longer than 8 minutes. I know it’s not much,  but it’s a perfect time window for a quick trip to the shop.



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