PokemonGo: Update 0.67.2 Breakdown

Ok, so this was cool Niantic did roll out a new update, just a few hours ago, and our dev gods have given us their APK breakdown, props to them for being so quick. So this APK update is not much of a big deal but there is something new added, which is currently acting as a placeholder for something big coming.

Starting off the list, are some minor gym battling fixes. Ever since the last update was launched, there are new attributes added into the game to help to help with better improve the game’s responsiveness and fluidity. Some trainers are also stating that this new update apparently has solved the Pokemon battle switching bug that has been there ever since the gym rollout was launched.

It is still unconfirmed at the moment, so you can take this one with a grain of salt until we receive an official confirmation. Also, a little tweak appears to have taken place involving the pre-battle buffer time. Give battling a try and see if you notice any improvements.

This bug fixing update fixed the various problems with character heights, this has been an issue since day one of the updates. This one is just an aesthetic change to help to keep avatar heights consistent with the Pokemon ‘s height, in the gym display screen.

WE can’t wait for this update to be live, this APK update has yet to hit the Play Store or the Apple App store for that matter. It is also possible that these app updates will also be accompanied by a server side change to improve the game’s responsiveness. As far as we have seen, devices with even lower ends of hardware, have seen a drastic improvement in responsiveness.



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