Raid Eggs Causing More Problems!

Hey guys. Raid eggs are a thing once again. They had mysteriously disappeared some time ago. If you don’t know what a raid egg, then I’ll explain it to you. Here’s what a raid egg is—
Raid Eggs appeared two hours before the start of a Raid that would alert players when the Raid would take place. The Raid Egg would actually give the trainers enough time to tell their friends about the Raid and it would begin when the egg hatches. But the eggs soon disappeared and the people were left without the clues for the raid. Each tier raid has a different egg color. In other words an egg’s color indicates what level of difficulty the Raid Boss is. A pink egg indicates that the Raid Boss is one or two stars. A yellow egg indicates that the boss is either three or four stars. Finally there are dark blue eggs, which are used for five star Raid Bosses. Now that you know what a raid egg is, I’d like to add if they are as useful as some people claim them to be.

The raid egg takes 60 minutes to hatch, which is a lot of time if you ask me. A 15 minute countdown would have been better. Most people wouldn’t show up so early for the raid and waiting for so long is really troublesome. Increasing the battle timer windows would also allow for more groups to battle the same Raid Boss. Many people have been annoyed by the raid eggs feature and they’re asking to remove it. It is much better when the raid simply appeared knowing from the first minute the Pokémon and having 2 hours to meet.
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