Raids You Should Play Before As A Practice For Mewtwo Raid

Hey guys. Mewtwo raid has been out for quite some time now. It is the hardest raid that we have got so far. But, with enough preparation you can defeat him. So, today I’m here to help you out. I came across a post on Reddit which will definitely help you with your Ex Raids.

Here’s what the post read—
“The Pokémon’s collision radius is taken into account (the size of the base white circle) and its collision height (the height of the white circle. Arcanine and Snorlax have the same camera distance, but Arcanine is much shorter in collision height. Meanwhile, Snorlax’s height is closer but it’s white circle radius is twice as large as Mewtwo’s.”


“cameraDistance”: 5.55,
“collisionRadiusM”: 0.37,
“collisionHeightM”: 1.184,
“collisionHeadRadiusM”: 0.185,


“cameraDistance”: 5.55,
“collisionRadiusM”: 0.7,
“collisionHeightM”: 0.74,
“collisionHeadRadiusM”: 0.333,


“cameraDistance”: 5.55,
“collisionRadiusM”: 0.74,
“collisionHeightM”: 1.11,
“collisionHeadRadiusM”: 0.481,

“I propose three other Pokemon for target practice. Dragonair should be the best given similarities in distance, circle size and height. Onix functions similarly to Snorlax, with similar distance and height but too big a circle size. To practice for Onix, I suggest letting your colored throwing circle (which changes sizes) become smaller before you throw. Also, Scyther is slightly further and slightly shorter in height but has similar white circle size to Mewtwo – and also has the closest collisionHeadRadiusM (the unknown parameter).”


“cameraDistance”: 5.625,
“collisionRadiusM”: 0.375,
“collisionHeightM”: 1.125,
“collisionHeadRadiusM”: 0.28125,


“cameraDistance”: 5.625,
“collisionRadiusM”: 0.658,
“collisionHeightM”: 1.175,
“collisionHeadRadiusM”: 0.376,


“cameraDistance”: 5.7,
“collisionRadiusM”: 0.4,
“collisionHeightM”: 1.0,
“collisionHeadRadiusM”: 0.2,

“Lastly, given the rarity of wild Dragonair and Snorlax (and Arcanine) it’s probably time to hit up your Onyx and Scyther nests for Mewtwo throwing practice… or hit up the easiest Tier 4 raid boss, Snorlax.
That’s great but all of those are rare at best so most people won’t get any practice. Like you said, unless there is an Onyx nest, it’s a slim chance.”
That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your comments below. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to ask. We’d love to help you out. Don’t forget to subscribe to our website to stay updated with latest Pokémon Go news, anime, Game of Thrones and more.



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