Should Niantic allow us to trade disposable items for an item we need?

While everything in the game currently revolves around a Poke Stop, most of us have been over stocked on a certain item a few times since starting the game. When we get overstocked we then need to dispose of items which personally makes me feel like i’m wasting it.

While disposing an item is technically wasting it, we should be able to replace a certain amount of items for other items. Such as trading useless potions for a Poke Ball, and to balance it out they could add a limit per Poke Ball such as 5 or 10 of an item or item(s) for a Poke Ball.

This idea could help out rural players even more, which due to the lack of Poke Stops they need to travel in order to get Poke Balls. So if these players get overstocked on items they don’t need they can switch it for an item they do need. Though this would defeat the purpose of buying Poke Balls, they would still have the option to bulk buy.

The good news for rural players is that they have recently had spawn increases that will allow them to now catch more pokemon. With this new spawn increase they will most defentely run out of Poke balls every once in a while. I originally got this idea from a trainer named Masterre which sparked my interest.




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