Should You Keep Low CP Snorlax’s?

Everyone loves the iconic overweight, sleeping Pokemon. Not just because of it’s large appetite and odd sleeping patterns but Snorlax is a beast! He can handle a lot of damage, he doesn’t care what’s attacking him or about anything other than food and sleep for that matter. Snorlax can also hit hard. Snorlax isn’t sleeping for beauty, but strength.

Getting a Snorlax with 2000+ combat points is heavily sought for, but what about the low Cp Snorlax’s? Do you transfer them, or do you still use them for defending? If it’s hard to take one out even within the 1800 combat point range, it should still be a bit of a task to take a low CP Snorlax out.

Want to be a bit of a troll but you don’t have a Chansey or Lapras? A low combat point Snorlax will do the job! The low Cp rating will make it hard for prestige to quickly gather the points they desire. Attackers might struggle a little bit with it at first, which is the key to using him.

What is your lowest CP Snorlax?



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