Snoopy Pop Is the Latest and Cutest Mobile Craze, Coming This Summer

There’s a brand new bubble-shooter game coming to mobile, and it’s going to charm your pants off. This morning Jam City revealed Snoopy Pop, a new mobile game starring the timeless Peanuts characters and various Snoopy alter-egos.

Fans of Charles M. Schulz’ iconic series will are likely to experience nostalgia overload when they see the game in motion, as the team at Jam City worked closely with the artists, animators, and storytellers over at Peanuts Worldwide to make sure that Snoopy Pop looks and feels as authentic as possible. Players will join Snoopy and the gang as they work through various themed stages to free Woodstock and his flock of birds, who have been trapped in bubbles.

“We are so honored to be creating a game with one of the world’s most loved and iconic brands,” said Josh Yguado, co-founder and president of Jam City. “The rich legacy of the Peanuts gang inspires our team and withSnoopy Popwe want to create a mobile game that lives up to the genius of Charles M. Schulz.”

Peanuts Worldwide EVP Roz Nowicki thinks that Snoopy Pop will help to bring these beloved characters to a new generation of fans. “Working with partners who truly understand the heart of the brand and characters is paramount to Peanuts Worldwide,” she said. “Jam City has demonstrated great care and skill in helping bring Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy and the entire Peanuts gang to a new generation of audiences. We are thrilled that people around the world who love Peanuts will be able to have so much fun playing Snoopy Pop.”

Gameplay features include:

  • Fun, varied, dynamic and challenging puzzles
  • Fresh new levels, characters, worlds and events added regularly
  • Collections of character game pieces, boosters and more
  • Unique character based power-ups, like Charlie Brown’s Kite
  • Game modes featuring Snoopy’s colorful alternate personas such as The Flying Ace and Masked Marvel
  • Events based on classic storylines and holiday specials
  • Maps, obstacles and boosters that capture the spirit of Peanuts
  • Original licensed music from the Peanuts holiday specials





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