Spinning Gyms Doesn’t Reset Egg Distance?

Hey guys. There’s been a lot of chaos over this specific topic that whether the egg distance does reset after you spin a gym or not. All of us have been rather troubled by it. But, I think we’ve finally got the solution to our problems or rather the video to our problems. Many people were actually looking for proofs all this time, and one of them finally got it.

Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg1x_m5Oc3s
Now take note of the following times
0:24 – Egg distance checked and it shows 4.93/10.
1:33- Gym disc spun.
1:43- Egg still shows 4.93/10.
2:15- Egg updated and shows 5.2/10.
As you can see that there is an increase of 270m. 270m were added to the egg distance after 40 seconds after spinning the gym.
The Redditor who conducted this experiment added— “I have tested this multiple times before and have received the distance almost every single time. Only one time I received 60m but I’ve had the swirling white Pokeball at the top left for about half the distance, until I spun the disc. I haven’t tried out whether feeding resets the distance since I don’t remember ever feeding Pokémon without battling the gym before that. Unless someone else tries it and records, I will try it out tonight.”
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