Sprint Holding Contest For Pokemon Go Players!

If you have a sprint store in your surrounding area be sure to participate in this contest! Sprint introduced a fun way for trainers to hatch the new baby Pokemon, and win some surprises. This contest will take place nationwide for Sprint and Boost Mobile stores.

Sprint announced their partnership with Niantic recently. This was to create a special experience for trainers who have a Sprint, Boost Mobile, and RadioShack locations. There are around 10,500 locations of these stores across the United States. Each getting a Pokestop or gym.

In means to celebrate their new partnership. Sprint is launching a pretty fun way to win prizes at their stores across the country. The contest started on December 19ths, but good news. It ends January 8th!

Do you want to be a part of this contest? Follow these simple steps and have a chance in winning one of the hundreds of prizes!

Starting TODAY, Trainers who come into a Sprint or Boost Mobile store can enter to win hundreds of prizes including an LED Flat screen TV, virtual reality headsets and Amazon gift cards. – Sprint
    • Go to a local Sprint or Boost PokéStop or Gym (available at Sprint and Boost Mobile stores)
    • Take a selfie inside the store
    • Post your picture on Twitter using these hashtags: #SprintPokeStop #Sweepstakes OR #BoostPokeStop #Sweepstakes
    • Post photo by Jan. 8, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET
    • Find out if you’ve won when winners are announced on Jan. 11, 2017 (We will notify winners)

    If the prizes weren’t enough to attract you. Sprint has a compelling reason you should go to their stores and enter this contest! You can collect items from the Pokestop, battle at a gym if possible, and they will even let you charge your phone! Not sure about you, but this seems like a great, fun contest to be a part of!



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