Stack Up On Gengar! Heres Why


So, basically this article will described exactly why you should be catching as many Gengar, Gastly, and Haunters as much as possible!

Without further ado lets get started, and at the end of this please let us know your experience so far during this Halloween Event!. Thanks again!

To begin with, Niantic has announced and given us this Halloween Event that has various treats for us to enjoy. From more candy, to more stardust, less walking for buddy system to earn candy, etc.

But, for the sake of this article the most important feature is about catching as many ghost type Pokémon as you possibly can, mainly Gengar.

The main question lie as to, “Why Gengar?” Well, the reason why Gengar is so important is because Gengar possesses one the strongest moves in the game.


That move is none other than Sludge Bomb. Sludge Bomb is a Poison type move with a power of 55, and a cool down of 2.6 seconds. Making this move VERY OP in a gym battle to spam against your opponent. That’s pretty fast for a charged move in this game in my opinion.

Gengar also possesses a very good Fast attack as well called,Shadow Claw with a power of 11, a .95 second cool down speed and its a ghost type attack. However, if you find a Gengar that possesses both of these attacks and has a high IV Level as well as CP, you my friend have a serious gym contender!

That is why you should be out there catching as many Gengar, as well as Haunter, and Gastly to collect those candies for whenever this event is over. So you can evolve them into Gengar who are OP as all hell!



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