The Easter Event Is Now Live!

Earlier today Niantic had released more information about the easter event and even mentioned that is would start today at 1 P.M PDT. It just so happens that it is 1P.M PDT right now! Get ready to hatch some eggs because that is what this event is focused on!

How far do you plan on walking this week? Participate in Niantics fun little poll. 51+ kilometers? Please we can do that in a day. Let’s shoot for some insane numbers why don’t we?

Recap on easter event:

  • More Pokemon From 2km eggs
  • 50% off lucky eggs
  • more candies from hatching Pokemon
  • double experience

Use this time to level up and quickly as the lucky egg bonus stacks with the events bonus. Hopefully, you all saved you candies like the Niantic employee said too. Because this is what he was talking about.

What do you think will be hatching from 2km eggs now? Could we see some super rare Pokemon? Possibly even some Johto starter Pokemon? Well, we will find out sooner or later. Get your shoes on and enjoy the nice weather.



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