The next nest migration is due on the 30th!


While everyone seems to be a huge fan of these nest migrations when they’ve got terrible nests, others seems to dislike these nest changes when their nests spawn some great Pokemon. It seems as if the nest migration has been taking place every 2-3 weeks, which if this theory remains true, the next nest changes will be on the 30th.

While these nest changes could come at different times, now we’ll be able to track down an exact update time for this change in the future if the consistency remains.

While these changes could come at a different time, it’s amazing that they’re happening so often. We love the consistent updates and nest changes to bring a wider variety of Pokemon to our Pokedex. I’m still trying to fill mine up so each nest migration I personally go out and see what has changed. We’ve already noticed that all changes to each nest change doesn’t seem to relate completely around the globe, meaning that the same Eevee nest you have could’ve changed to be Vulpix, which could’ve changed to a Ditto somewhere else, which is also great.




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