The Real Reason Why Fire, Water and Grass Type Pokemon are ALWAYS STARTERS!

For years many fans have always wondered what it would be like to start with other types, such as Dragon or Ghost types. Throughout the years we’ve only received games with the same starter type pokemon types, Fire, Water, and Grass. We believe we have the reason why they do this every game repetitively.

The reason why they probably use these three types is because Water, Fire and Grass are one of the most important elements of the earth.
They are also the primordial elements. This can easily be linked to the fact that the starter Pokemon are the first Pokemon you actually encounter and have.
These 3 types are also the easiest to pick when teaching someone Pokemon which is often assumed. For this same reason the Trainer School will always tell you that Grass is weak to Fire but strong to water. Water is strong against to Fire but weak to Grass and Fire is weak to Water but strong to Grass. This is because they are very well known cycling types that form a perfect circle.
If the starters were to be steel, psychic and electric then it would be harder for newer Pokemon trainers to get the basics of Pokemon as they would have to learn that Steel is weak to Fire and Fighting whiles they probably don’t even know those types yet. This is just an example though.

Tons of fans are always coming to the game as beginners so it’d be better of starting them on something easier.



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