These Pokemon Will be The Rarest In Gen 3!

Many trainers around the world are already interested in what Pokemon may be the most valuable Pokemon to collect for Generation 3. During the release of Pokemon GO, the most valuable Pokemon to catch was Dratini, simply because it could evolve into Dragonite which would help you dominate the gyms.

During Generation 2, this Pokemon seemed to be Larvitar as it could evolve into Tyranitar. Now with Generation 3 coming in the future, there will be two new Pokemon to collect that will be the most valuable of your time.

Two most valuable Pokemon from Generation 3:



The reason why Bagon would be one of the most valuable Pokemon to collect, is because it can evolve into Salamence which would be a bit stronger than Dragonite and other Dragon type Pokemon. The other reason would be because the game will add more Dragon-types thus adding a need for Salamence to be in your party.

The reason why Beldum would be the other most valuable Pokemon to collect, is simply because it can evolve into Metagross, which happens to be Steel/Psychic -type. Both of these Pokemon Salamence and Metagross are considered to be psuedo-legendary type Pokemon.

You’ll probably see a huge increase of Salamence and Metagross in gyms or raids as they’ll take over as some of the strongest attackers and defenders in the game.



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