This Pokémon Go Feature Would Be Amazing

Hey guys. Pokémon Go will continue to become better as time drags on. We will get more updates that’s no brainer. But, we need to start getting some useful updates. Updates that would make the game better and not downgrade it. Most people like to give Pokémon special so that the Pokémon would appear at the top of the list. All of of this is done so that they appear at the top. I think it was a really nice thing if they allowed us create lists.

These lists would make things much better. We could easily sort Pokémon. Different lists for Pokémon, who are used to attack, different for who are used to defend. It would make things more effective and we can just click on the list and the Pokémon would be present there. For instance, when choosing Pokémon to attack gyms/doing raids, we have to go through all of them or search by name or type but you can only choose one at a time. you have to type the same thing all over again to choose another one.




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