Top 10 Scariest Video Games!

Today we bring you our Top 10 Scariest Video Games! These games are for a wide variety of consoles such as XBOX, Playstation and PC. We hope you enjoy our list and if you’d like to see another top 10 be sure to comment your Top 10 Idea below to see it made! Lets get right into our #10 Pick.

#10. Alien Isolation 

This game is pretty hard to beat, includes some stalking by a scary alien looking to kill you every where you go. This game is considered a classic by many and definitely deserves a play through!

#9. Condemned 

Like games that are up close and personal? Condemned will give you just that! This game always has serial killers looking to jump out at you as you’re looking for a gun with a few bullets to defend yourself with.

#8 Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame 2 in particular is one of the scariest horror games that didn’t make it into the states. It was a Japanese game released in 2001, this game is about twin sisters who end up in a scary ghost town where you take pictures of ghosts who want to kill you. The game is very interesting and scary which it’s like playing Pokemon snap but capturing ghosts of murdered people instead of pocket monsters. This game is haunted, literally.

#7. Until Dawn

#6. Dead Space

This game was made to show you the dark side of spade which includes all of the dark ghoulish monsters that won’t die so easily. Dead space brings some amazing horror scenes and space battles.

#5 The Suffering

This game is a very scary game that is based in a prison where you receive a phone call from your dead wife telling you to get out of there. The prison is filled with crazy demon looking monsters that killed everything around you. For an older game this one has a wonderful experience.

#4. Amnesia

#3. Silent Hill

Silent Hill 2 in particular is one of the scariest games of all time based off a movie. This game is a classic and deserves a game play that most avoid.

#2. BioShock

BioShock is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, their collection has some very scary moments throughout the gameplay with some amazing visuals to look at during it. They came out with a collection remaster last year that definitely deserves a play.

#1. Resident Evil

Resident Evil has many classic horror games from their franchise such as the Resident Evil (2002 Remake). They recently released a new game Resident Evil 7: BioHazard which was one of the most downloaded demos of the year. Most of their games are jam packed with action and very scary moments.






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