Trainer gains insane exp in under 2 minutes


The most impressive thing about this is the method has absolutely nothing to do with massive evolves. It should be noted this user was the first to accomplish this and contacted me nearly two days ago at the beginning of the event!

User Nootflower69 contacted me on Facebook with his accomplishment and it left me in awe: He gained 20,500 EXP by catching one Pokemon and collecting one Pokestop. That is right! Two actions caused 20,500 EXP. How did he do it? He explains.

“Ok. I just managed to pull off something pretty cool: And 10 stop bonus, 7 day bonus and magic egg on top of thanksgiving. Also claimed first catch bonus. Received 10400 xp for each/ I have shots if you want to see”

Below are the pictures of his experience! Just WOW! 20,500 experience in less than one minute! I am super jealous. The first four photos are him taking snapshots of each action and the last photo (the fifth) is used to show the differences in EXP.


Now, we are aware the time stamps start at 11:59 and end at 12:03 because the Internet is filled with Psyduck-lawyers, but we do not count the preparation and victory lap.


Regardless, very impressive miss and we thank you for sharing this with us! Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment!



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