Trainer hits 4,000 eggs hatched achievement!

While trainers have been eager to hatch the very first generation 2 pokemon released into the game such as Togepi and Elekid, other trainers have had their eyes set on those medals we can win from playing the game. One trainer named jah_schwa has achieved a Gold medal for hatching 500 eggs and remained unimpressed over time as he played the game, he continued hatching eggs until recently unlocking the 4,000 eggs hatched achievement.

This reward is is very hard to achieve due to the lack of incubators in the game so I can only imagine how much money this guy has spent on the game, according to his own comments it’s no where near the amount he’s spent at bar stools. He’s tried to elaborate saying he’s most likely spent around $1,000 on the game as an estimate which is still a’lot to spent on a game either way.

Most of the players who spend their hard earned cash on this game usually spend their time buying and using Lucky eggs whenever they play, combining a Lucky egg with Lure modules are a great way to earn some amazing XP. 



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