UNBEATABLE! Highest possible exp in a single catch!


Tons of trainers in our community are fond of the NO exp waste rule in gaming!

That’s right a trainer by the name of 0relsewhat, has opened doors for many Pokemon GO trainers out there wishing to level up as quick as possible. The NO exp rule is a huge thing in games that require a grind to play. It seems as if0relsewhat was on that no exp waste path for sure.


Though most trainers just play for fun, some trainers like Red and Gary are set out to be the very best just as Jason Paige originally sang in our favorite song.  On the original reddit topic0relsewhat mentioned “I was at home scanning the maps for a Butterfree, I always take my portable charger with me. I just like being fully charged always, because someone always runs out of power and needs to borrow my charger.”

As he mentioned his reward came with an amazing Butterfree, “I had never evolved one because I always used up all my Caterpie candy on mass evolving Caterpies into Metapods. Decided it was about time to catch Butterfree, and could not think of a better way. Completed my dex at the same time too :D” He said.

We’re glad he was able to share this with the community, tons of trainers out there can now see how some amazing stacked exp looks like



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