Urban Legend Series: Gengar & Clefable —– Yin and Yang?

Welcome to another Pokemon urban legend! Today we’re reviewing two Pokemons: No. 36 Clefable and No. 94 Gengar.

Has it ever occurred to you that these two Pokemons actually look alike each other?

Let’s review a fact real quick: Haunter’s weight is only 0.1kg, which totally makes sense, considering it’s basically gas. However, after evolving into Gengar, the weight suddenly increases to 40.5kg, 400 times more than the original.

Do you know how much does a Clefable weigh?40.0kg, approximately the same with Gengar!

Could it be possible, that Gengar is actually a creature of Clefable being possessed by Haunter?

Spooky, isn’t it?

Another less terrifying theory is that Gengar is the shadow of Clefable. In the original game, Clefable is Normal type instead of the current Fairy type. If you have been playing, you’ll know that Normal type’s attack has no effect on the Ghost type, while Ghost type attack also does no harm on Normal type. This setting corresponds to the fact that you and your shadow are in different realm and cannot touch each other. Pokedex also mentions about Gengar’s appearing from the shade, implying its connection with shadow.




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