We might have been able to pinpoint the exact time for nest changes!


While the rest of the globe is sleeping some of our no exp waste trainers are out, exploring their cities for glorious Pokemon and destroying gyms.

During the last nest migration, one of my twitter followers happened to be out exploring during the time we were expecting the nest migration to happen. It seems as if the nest migration hit at exactly 12AM GMT, which is 7PM eastern.

How he exactly noticed this, was due to the massive Pokemon change during a time he was catching Pokemon at a local nest.

His exact story.

I was down culver when by the monument, five growlithe spawned (screenshot 1) notice that it is one minute to midnight.. I catch one of them, and the rest disappear. Moments later, three return as Jigglypuff!! (Screenshots 2,3&4) the time of the first screenshot is exactly midnight.

These Jigglypuff could not be caught as I could not tap on them (see screenshot 3&4 for evidence of my taps failing). Upon reloading the app, I was able to catch the Jigglypuff (screenshot 5) moving to the compass poke stop, there were no charmander like usual, but instead, two Jinx. (Screenshot 6). Is it possible that I just first hand witnessed a nest migration? Or was it a glitch?

If you notice in this first screenshot, a minute before 12AM GMT he gets a huge spawn from a Growlithe nest.


1 minute after this moment, it hits 12AM GMT and the entire spawn changes to Jigglypuff.


I’ve decided to show an image he provided out of the 6-7 he sent me to show you that the change was legit as he was able to catch a Jigglypuff with 558 CP.


We are currently expecting the next nest migration to happen on the 30th, we would love for you guys  to help us confirm this exact change.



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