We should have a Squirtle wearing Sun Glasses event for Summer!

While most of these past events have been completely based on America, as Niantic is an American based company in San Francisco, California. We’re hoping that Niantic will bless us with an amazing addition of Squirtle wearing Sunglasses just as the Anime did when we were growing up. It seems fair with Pikachu having a Santa Hat, to have a Squirtle wearing sunglasses, or possibly just items overall to put on our favorite Pokemon to wear.

Who wouldn’t want to see a Charizard with Sunglasses, or our favorite Squirtle squad. The most memorable episode for myself was the Squirtle Squad episode other than the infamous Charmander episode when he was abused by his trainer and later picked up by Ash. Such a memorable moment it was when Charizard finally listened to Ash as’well but lets not get carried away here! The real deal is a summer event for all of our friends.

I’m absolutely positive that Niantic has already began thinking of this as The Silph Road has found item code and phrases in the source code for items to be worn by Pokemon. This feature seems like it could be released within a few months if it’s not just for holiday events overall.

We’d like for this event to be based on America’s summer time, though it’s quite possible that Niantic treat other countries as’well. I’d expect an event for summer to be based in America though so if something like this does happen don’t get your hopes up too early as it’s currently Winter time in America.




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