What CP should your Starter Pokemon have in order to achieve a great evolution?

While this question has many possible answers, tons of trainers are out here catching starter pokemon for the holiday event, not knowing which of them they should keep. This is actually a common question for every Pokemon that’s in the game as tons of trainers are looking to prestige gyms or battle gyms overall.

When it comes down to it, the starter Pokemon are out of place for now. Meaning they aren’t as strong as they should be, in fact, these Pokemon are even weaker than the Eeveelutions which is very surprising to me as I’ve played the first gen growing up and actually watched the anime and read parts of the original manga. 

A Pokemon Like Bulbasaur can have a max CP of 981, which when evolved at the peak of it’s CP can bring you anIvysaur with a CP of 1552 which is incredible, imagine evolving this Ivysaur to a Venusaur with the max CP being2568.

Below I’ve listed the max possible CP for all 3 starter Pokemon and their evolutions:

Charmander: 831 -> Charmeleon 1484 -> Charizard 2686

Squirtle: 808 -> Warturtle 1324 -> Blastoise 2291

Bulbasaur: 981 -> Ivysaur 1552 -> Venusaur 2568

This information is great for you to know when leveling up any Pokemon, and i’ve found the proper max CP for each pokemon with this calculator from here. This calculator will tell you what your Pokemon’s specific IV should be, so if you’re Bulbasaur is 500 CP the calculator will tell you that your Ivysaur will have 816 CP when evolved which is usually correct in most circumstances.



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