Who Are The Most Underused & Underrated Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Hey guys. Most of us have been looking for legendaries and have been trying to make our first choice Pokémon even more stronger. The legendary raids are almost over now. Now, we will soon be challenged by the strongest Pokémon in the world, i.e, Mewtwo.

But, over the a past few months, I have just been seeing all the questions being asked about the legendaries or the high tier Pokémon. But, it’s often that we forget that a weaker Pokémon can make the difference sometimes. There are a lot of underrated Pokémon, who don’t get the treatment thy deserve. We all just care about our legendaries, Golems and Tyranitars and of course Scizors.

However, there are many solid Pokémon out there which can get you out of a pinch. A few examples are—
Gyarados- A Gyarados with bite and crunch. It can drag you through the Lugia raid.

Piloswine- Piloswine is a Ice/ground type. Piloswine can make easy work of Zapdos.
Pinsir- Pinsir is a bug type Pokémon. It has been living in the shadow of Scizor for a long time now. Scizor is super hard to get. If you use Pinsir it won’t disappoint you.



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