You can now catch Raid Bosses on the last ball!

For some time now, it has been impossible to catch a Raid boss on your last Premier ball without getting a critical catch. The bug was made apparent by reddittors on The Silph Road and eventually was recognised by Niantic. The bug was also identified as technically being an issue with the first Premier ball as it is impossible to get a first throw bonus.

The users demonstrated that even a Magikarp Raid Boss couldn’t be caught with Gold Water Badge, Golden Razz, Curveball and an Excellent throw. People in Chicago also reported that the 100% catch rate Legendaries would run if the user threw all the balls and landed a successful hit with the last ball.

Today, a few reports have been received on The Silph Road stating they have caught a Raid Boss on the last ball. These posts are usually met with strong criticism and a call for evidence before being deemed false. However, in this case they followed with several confirmatory comments stating someone they knew or they themselves have caught it.

While no video evidence has been provided yet, a user had posted several screenshots of a Magikarp Raid boss being caught on the last ball. Without video evidence we can’t say for certain that they didn’t get a critical catch but the numerous confirmatory reports are enough for us to say with enough confidence that the hug has been fixed!

At this stage, the extra ball given as a result of the last ball being bugged is still present. We can always hope Niantic forget about it and give us that one extra chance to catch the boss.



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