10 Things About ‘Pokemon’ That Still Bother Me

10. You can’t see wild Pokemon around you

This has literally bothered me since I played my first Pokemon game, I’d rather prefer to see what’s around me.

9. Why Was The Truck Sitting On That Island in Pokemon Red and Blue?

It’s probably team rocket, though we’ve all thought it was a hidden Mew for years. Now, who knows what it could be..

8. You Can Travel On Very Tiny Pokemon

I Choose You! Pidgey!

7. Unconscious Pokemon Can Still Use HM Moves

So you’re unconscious but you can still fly me to Viridian city? Great thanks Pidgey!

6. Being Unable to Forget HM Moves 

The most annoying thing ever, in Pokemon… besides small trees.

5. Your Dad Is Nowhere To Be Found

I see my mom, but where’s my dad? Only the 3rd generation showed who your father was as a Pokemon Gym Leader.

4. Adults Let 10 Year Old Children Adventure on Their Own

Why would anyone let a 10 year old go anywhere by themselves, let alone fight monsters that can blow up the planet.

3. Pokemon Say Their Names In The Cartoon But Make Random Noises In Games

I didn’t know Pika Pika Pikachu translates to “sd.fkkahsljfalsdfkjasdfjaslkr3#$#$%3” in video game language.

2. Starter Pokemon Are Always Fire, Grass and Water Types

I’m a huge fan of Ghost type Pokemon, and Psychic, with that being said why the hell are the starters always the same type?

1. People Eat Pokemon

Well it’s obvious that People eat animals in the real world, but why do they do this in a kids anime?



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