A Bonus Niantic Should Have Given Us For Halloween

While the Halloween event just started. Many trainers have already caught their share of the new Pokemon that entered the game along with the new Pikachu and its witches hat. Thinking, however, about Halloween focusing a lot on candy. There does seem to be a bonus Niantic could have done. That everyone would have loved!

Pokemon candies are no longer the only candy in the game. We now have a rare candy. The rare candy is, well, rare from raids. Currently after defeating a raid boss. That is the only way you can get your hands on one of these candies. More than likely it won’t change. Unless it’s a bonus for an event.

While rare candies are probably the most useful item in the game currently. They allow trainers to get extra candies for Pokemon they may not see too often in their neighboorhood. Doubling the effects of this item would have been decent during the event. However, Niantic could have done so much more. And it would make trainers feel like the game is celebrating Halloween.

When generation 2 was released. We had seen a fairly rare item drop from Pokestops. There were 5 rare items to be precise, that have a very low chance of dropping from Pokestops. These items can be used to evolve certain Pokemon that generation 2 brought to the game.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Pokestops could drop rare candies for the Halloween event? There are a few different ways Niantic could go about giving us this bonus. One idea that was tossed around is you collect them after every 10th spin.

This idea would actually make a lot of sense because trainers will be out more. Coding for the 10 spin bonus is already in the game. All Niantic would have to do is add a code for the rare candy during the event. It would also prevent trainers not getting any compared to others getting hundreds.

This idea would guarantee a chance of getting rare candies. It would be all up to the trainer about how many they get during the event. Rural players have a disadvantage but not by much. Niantic could make the a rare drop from Pokestops. Though, it wouldn’t be fair for trainers who have terrible RNG. Which is another reason a guaranteed drop chance would make it better?

Who knows, maybe Niantic would add this bonus during the event for 3 days. One before Halloween, on Halloween, and after Halloween. That way trainers can collect even more candy during the roundabouts of the Holiday.



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