After Update: Gold badge, Gym control, 7-day streak = MASSIVE AMOUNT OF ITEMS FROM GYM

Tons of trainers all over the community have been sharing their rewards since the new badges and raids feature released during the last update. Some players have been getting a sweet amount of items equaling up to a massive amount of 33!

This happens only when trainers complete their 7 day streak with the needed requirements of Gym Control, A Gold badge, and a lovely timing of the 7 day streak.

One trainer named reneritchie shared their 7 day streak reward list:

Got the gold badge in the last couple of days (there was no notification so I’m not sure when exactly), but either way, it was in time for my 7-day streak today, and it’s a gym I’m on, so team control bonus folded in as well.

  • 1x Sun Stone
  • 2 x Ultra Ball
  • 1x Great Ball
  • 3x Potion
  • 1x Great Potion
  • 13x Poké Ball
  • 2x Razz Berry
  • 2x Pinap Berry
  • 1x Revive
  • 2x Nanab Berry

Some fans have been getting between 25-33 items at most, I’ve not really seen anything higher than 33 as of now. Which I’m sure in the future we’ll run into some more ways to get an extreme amount of items from the 7 day streak as new features are released in the game which would give them reasons to add more rewards.

As of now we think the cap is going to be 33 as there is a very rare chance of a third item in the base allowance of items, and of course, eggs don’t count towards the total so that’s another +1.



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