Are The New Raids Worth The Premium Raid Passes?

Hey guys. With each passing the teamwork between the players has been increasing. Raids see players work together to take down powerful Pokémon. These raid bosses give exclusive rewards and now they provide the chance to finally catch those Legendary Pokémon.

But, has there been a big down grade in terms of the quality? A lot of people are now complaining about the quality of the drops that they get. As you all know that you need raid passes to play. Before the raids used to drop some TMs. This was not common but they did drop from time to time. However, there was almost guaranteed drops on the Rare Candy and Golden Razz berries. As of now all the drops seem to have turned into potions. The raids serve two purposes, the first is to get the legendary birds and the second is to get the good drops.

The potions are nothing extraordinary, in fact you can get them from every single stop. So, for the time being I’d suggest don’t go ham and buy the premium raid passes. The drops earlier were certainly good but now it has changed.
That’s it from me. I hope you found this article useful.



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