Doing This Will Allow For Infinint Stardust?!?

A while ago, Niantic added a feature allowing trainers to feed their Pokemon berries to bring their motivation meters back up while not being near the gym. However, there were several bugs with the system that got some trainers permanently banned from the game. More than likely, those accounts were looked at and resolved, but the process would still be scary!

A few day ago, Niantic brought this feature back to us. With fewer bugs, trainers are actually able to feed their Pokemon like they are supposed to. Well, sort of. Luckily, there is another bug, that may or may not get resolved. The reason Niantic may not resolve this bug could be the solution to our Stardust shortage.

However, you will need a good stock of berries. If you for some reason don’t have a few hundred berries sitting around in your inventory. You might want to start collecting them and holding on to them again. You don’t want to sit at home and go to just any gym…

Because you have a really small chance of collecting candies from the Pokemon you feed. You will want to try to hold off on using all your berries on just any Pokemon just because you wanted that extra few hundred Stardust. Instead, try placing your gym defender in a gym with the Pokemon you wish to get candies from.

If the Pokemon you are hoping to receive candies from just so happens to be your defender. Try finding other gyms with the same Pokemon. This will increase your chances of getting candies to power your defenders up with.

Once you have the berries and a few Pokemon in a few different gyms. The more gyms you are in the better. Just in case any one decides to take you out of any. Tap on the Pokemon you wish to start feeding (or gym) and begin using all your berries. After the Pokemon’s motivation is full, you will notice something odd…

The Pokemon’s motivation won’t go up anymore, however, you will notice the berries you are feeding the full Pokemon will disappear still. Does this mean you still get the Stardust and candy? Yes, you can still gain all the rewards you normally get for feeding Pokemon.

In the game, it states the further away from the gym you are, the less effect the berry will have on filling up the Pokemon’s motivation bar. This will also really help if the Pokemon isn’t very motivated to stay in the gym. Don’t worry those, this bug won’t let you continuously feed one Pokemon.

Before this feature came about, there was a limit to how much a Pokemon will eat before it became unsatisfied with the berries you are feeding it. This will still take effect in this bug, it just seems like after the motivation bar is filled, you can continue to feed the Pokemon until it reaches it’s feeding limit.





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