Don’t Transfer Your Legendary Pokémon

Niantic has finally given us Legendary Pokémon and with that trainers have gone nuts trying to find them all, however some are actually getting rid of them, which is strange.

The reason that this is unusual is because the Legendary Pokémon are limited, as there will be a cut off date for when you can catch them.

Also there is no official conformation that they will ever return; however we assume they will at some point though.

But despite this cut off, trainers are still transferring their legendary catches away. So for those trainers who are about tho take the risk or have thought about transferring your Legendary Pokémon, this is what you need to remember.

 They are not unlimited!

Yes, as I explained earlier there is a cut off date for all Legendary Pokémon, which means you cant catch anymore after that time.

Don’t worry there is a safety mechanism in place just in case you change your mind

Niantic has put a system in place just in case a trainer makes the decision to get rid of a Legendary Pokémon and instantly regrets it. Apparently according to player on Reddit’s The Sliph Road, players are asked twice about whether or not they are sure about transferring their Legendary Pokémon by Niantic. This helps trainers as it prevents an accidental transfer, as well as a safety barrier just in case you make a bad call.

 With more Legendary Pokémon at your disposal, the more attackers and defenders you have

They are incredibly strong and remember that the more you have, the stronger you attacking and defending team it, when it comes to gyms and raids.

They can be quite valuable come trade time

With trainers in rural areas struggling to find these Pokémonor lower level players only finding weaker ones, Legendary Pokémon could be useful come trade time. When Niantic finally introduces trades like we have all been asking them to do since day one, each Legendary Pokémon would end up being quite valuable, as you can trade them to players eagerly wanting one or a better one.



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