Everyone should be getting the Moltres update shortly!

Many fans are ready for the next legendary raid boss as it marks the second coming of the legendary Pokemon that we’ve all been anticipating since Pokemon Go originally released. During release phase, the game tricked us, not actually allowing us to know that the legendary Pokemon were going to take so long to come out even though it was properly planned and was probably for the better as we got rid of a’lot of bandwagoners.

Everyone should be receving the new raid boss around 8/1/2017 at 6PM EST, which should be pretty spot on as that’s around the same time frame as the first round of legendary Pokemon came out. We’re curious to find out if Ho-oh will be making an appearance though we shouldn’t expect it until the last wave of legendaries hit the game.

Many fans have had some good luck when coming to the legendary raids while others have had a rough time. Rural players seem to have the rougher experience when it comes to the legendary raids though that should be expected as they have it rougher when it comes to gyms, wild pokemon and stops.



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