Good Places To Catch Farfecth’d

Farfetch’d along with three other Pokemon, Tauros, Mr. Mime, and Khangaskan are all regional Pokemon. We discovered not all regional Pokemon can be caught within their regions, so where can you take a vacation and safely catch the regional Pokemon Farfetch’d?

You could probably visit places more towards the middle of the countries, but what if you wanted to travel a bit closer to the edge? There is a known nest at the Aeon shopping mall located in Nagoya Japan. Just copy and paste these numbers into the Google Maps search box, the exact next location should be pinned 35.05306338,136.94687605.

Reddit users have suggested visiting these locations, however. There seem to be a bunch of Farfetch’d spawns around these locations. Just look around Pokestops, you should find a few Farfetch’d chilling.

Taipei City, Taiwan around the Metro Subway System. ~ kk5566Image result for Whampoa , Hong Kong

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. ~ Lionnutz

Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong. ~ MarinaBlu

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. MarinaBlu

Vicroria Park (between Tin Hau and Causeway… also hotspot for Magnimites and Voltorbs). ~ MarinaBlu

Reports from trainers that live in Japan show that Farfetch’d isn’t rare, but it isn’t as common as these locations listed above. Hong Kong seems to be a really country to travel if you are looking for this celery stick wielding Pokemon.



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