Gyms with one specific trainer in them can’t be taken down

Many trainers around the world are once again experiencing the effect of what could be hackers or simply a glitch within the game that’s awaiting a fix from the server side.

One trainer named TheMew2Master explained the issue as: 

So yesterday afternoon I walked over to my home gym in order to take it down and found that I couldn’t. Every time I would hit the “Go Battle” button, this would appear:

Then the game would hang up (the battle music would still play but the two Pokemon would never appear). I restarted the app, restarted my phone; nothing worked. Sort of weird, but I hoped it would go away, and moved on.

I told my local mystic group about it, and they said that other players had had similar problems with other gyms when one specific level 9 instinct player was in them, so I went back later at night to observe my gym and found that, yes, that player was in the gym. I still couldn’t take it down

This trainer isn’t the first trainer to experience this as another trainer from reddit named davidc1223 is experiencing it in another area while explaining the issue as:

You can fight his Pokemon, and sometimes you can take their motivation down to their final fight. Whether its the first, second, or third fight, one of them will result in the Pokemon not being defeated at 0 HP left and you will lose as the timer runs its course. This happens no matter what gym the player is in, and no matter what Pokemon the player uses. Players report visual glitches with a gym he is in when scrolling through the players. 

The problem is most likely because the players Pokemon is stuck in the gym which if that player is not aware that his/her Pokémon are stuck, of course he/she would put more Pokémon in gyms to try to get some coins cashed out while also wondering why no one is taking down the gyms. This could be the reason why we see players in populated areas turning up with gyms being conquered for more than a few days at a time which usually isn’t normal. This will most likely be fixed within the next few updates so just give it some time.



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