Halloween Exclusive Item May Have Just Been Revealed

Pokemon Go updated to version 0.79.2 that includes many new details which are every player’s dream and was waiting since Generation 3 first files were added in APK. We will have APK break down of Version 0.79.2.

A new loading screen featuring generation three Dark Pokemon Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette, Duskull, and Sableye is seen in the APK, which confirms that Generation 3 Pokemon will be seen during Halloween event.

The update also added sound files for the generation three Pokedex up to #386, as well as a badge to reward players for catching Pokemon from generation three, new music, various bug fixes, and more.

For now, today’s information is only from a data mine and hasn’t been officially confirmed by Niantic. However, a recent Halloween-themed Pokemon Company blog post hinted at “catching new Pokemon to fill out our Pokedex” in reference to Pokemon Go, so evidence is mounting that a Halloween event including new Pokemon is indeed coming soon.

Last year, Niantic held a Pokemon Go Halloween event that offered double candy and increased spawns for Ghost-type Pokemon. The first hint at generation two Pokemon in Pokemon Go came from a determined update in 2016 more than a month ahead of the first generation two Pokemon appearing in the game.

Apart from this if you think of events like New Year Event, or Pikachu Anniversary event or the recent Global event these event had special items with them so does this mean that Halloween event will have its own special item?

If you guys look closely in wallpaper that was revealed in APK and confirms generation three ghost types you will see the player wearing a weird hat.

This zoomed image of wallpaper shows the player is wearing a Mimikyu hat. This can be an indication of players getting Mimikyu hats during most awaited Halloween 2017 event.Halloween event is becoming more and more interesting as things are getting clear.



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