Here Is How Pokemon World and Pokemon Were Created

Arceus was born from nothing, not even chaos. It is the god of the Pokemon.

Arceus soon made Dialga, Palkia, and then Giratina.

Dialga created time, Palkia created space, and Giratina created anti-matter. And thus, the universe was born.

Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina began battling and as a result, they were banished to their individual realms by Arceus.

But, Arceus learned from his own experience, so he tasked Rayquaza as the peace-maker. The 3 set to work, with Groudon raising land violently, creating volcanoes and mountains; Kyogre, creating seas, where the land was not, and Rayquaza making an atmosphere full of air.

Ater time passed, Kyogre’s water started to corrode Groudon’s land and this angered him. The two battled, but Rayquaza broked it up, and sent Groudon deep underground, while Kyogre was sent deep into the oceans, before returning into the ozone layer.

Soon, Arceus returned, and it tried to make life, but failed miserably. So it created Regigigas.

Regigigas moved the continents with it’s bare hands, piercing them together like a puzzle. When the final chunk of land was put into place, the world sprung to life, with grass and trees sprouting everywhere. The world is ready for life.

Then Arceus sent Regigigas into a coma, until it was needed once more. He then created thousands of Pokemon to inhibit the world. These Pokemon belonged to one of five races.

Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, and Victini.

He also created Latios and Latias.

Arceus personal agents that he tasked to fly through the universe in search of a species with great intelligence to live in harmony with its creations. Before leaving once more to regain energy.

After of a long search, Latias found an intelligent alien species known as Deoxys.

They were bacterial, but advanced. They chose a few of them and brought them back to their world.

For a while things were fine, the Deoxys and natives lived together in harmony. Until the Deoxys discovered they could infect the natives, and use their body. Suddenly, they were all infecting a host and then war broke out.

The Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Mew, and Victini battling their infected brethren to set them free and the Deoxys seeking total dominance.

The war raged on for many centuries, until there was but a handful left of each species. Arceus returned and destroyed the last of Deoxys, but the damage was done. The population of the world was little more than 20.

The Celebi retreated to the forests, hiding among the trees, but also in time. The Jirachi fell asleep, only waking up every so often. The Manaphy retreated to the sea, and the Victini hid in far off lands. This only left the Mew.

During the war Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie had hidden under lakes in search of enlightenment.

Leaving only a handful of Mew left to roam. They were alone.

The war left the land in ruins, some places were battle scarred beyond repair, instead of lush grass, there were harsh deserts. This angered Groudon, sending him into a rage. Volcanoes spurted and spewed lava everywhere.

One day, Mew was floating along, when sudden flow of lava approached it. Thinking quickly, Mew unleashed energy inside it that even Arceus didn’t know about. It morphed the lava into a form, and gave it life. The Heatran was created.

Arceus sensed this and had an idea. Gathering all the Lake Trio, he channeled immense power through them, using their life giving-abilities to create more living creatures. These were crude and unfinished, prototypes of what was to come.

Aerodactyl filled the sky.

Lileep, Cranidos, and Shieldon roamed the land.

And Anorith, Omanyte, and Kabuto populated the sea.



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