Here is Why They Don’t Eat Animals as food in Pokemon!

Tons of Pokemon fans around the world are still in awe when they hear trainers eat Pokemon that other trainers catch. One prime example is Magikarp, a pokemon commonly caught in hopes of evolving into a Gyarados, though some trainers catch them in hopes of having a nice meal for their family.

If you didn’t know, the Pokemon anime does in fact have regular animals in it that are not eaten rather just shown walking around interacting with Pokemon.

Even numerous Pokemon cards from the first generation had animals in them, some of these animals on the cards are:

  • A bird perched on a Weepinbell.
  • A bug near a Bulbasaur.
  • A frog next to an Oddish.
  • A wasp flying near a Venonat.
  • A Butterfly flying near a Squirtle, and an Eevee.
  • A worm for Magikarp and Spearow.
  • A crab next to an Exeggutor.
  • A fish near a Psyduck.
  • Coral near Horsea, Quagsire, and Luvdisc.
  • Sea anemones near Wooper.
  • Butterflies and fish near a Slowpoke.
  • The shadow of what appears to be a shark is on the original Super Rod card.
  • Fish, or perhaps porpoises, near a Magikarp.

Now there are vegans in the Pokemon world, so you don’t quite frankly have to eat em’ all. You can always skip and eat some salads, though it doesn’t answer why trainers don’t eat animals and not Pokemon, not saying i’d rather them do that anyways.

My best guess is that they do this because they just prefer what’s around more often. The animators probably don’t want any negativity in the anime from animals being eaten anyways.



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