Here’s how to avoid the un-favoriting bug!

Many fans have stumbled onto newer bugs since the last time we had an update, most of which had an issue to do with our potions and now a favoriting bug. It’s so bugged out as of now that fans cannot even click “Go to Gym” and remote feeding without experiencing the un-fav bug.

We’re currently unsure exactly when this bug will be fixed, though we expect it to be fixed by the time Niantic figures out what they’re going to do for the european event they’re planning for the cancelled Pokemon GO Fest.

Note: Even tapping on the adjacent pokemon (without going to the gym pokemon) also un-favs the gym Pokemon.

Fans seem to think that this bug could be caused by the reset graphical update though we’ll never know as it’s on Niantics side and most likely is a graphical error. Niantic do often check reddit and online blog websites to see what bugs they can quickly catch and fix though it does help to have the entire community go ahead and report the bugs to further help this get solved so just do a quick google search and find the proper bug form.




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