Here’s why the next Pokemon Game will be MMO!

Many fans have been speculating what the next big Pokemon game will be, and we can tell you that the next game has been confirmed for the Nintendo switch. This will allow developers to have a much larger game engine to work with, expanding their world by 100 and giving them a much larger graphical experience to offer.

There are already some amazing Pokemon MMO’s out there such as PokeMMO, a game that allows you to play in each region online with friends. Literally everything you could possibly want is already on PokeMMO. So if there are already amazing Pokemon MMO’s, why is The Pokemon Company so hesitant on making a game of that caliber?

There’s so many examples GAMEFREAK can use, and we know they see them as they are constantly taking down these Pokemon games as they grow in popularity. Another Example is the Roblox Pokemon server that tons of players are already on, the server is open world, mmo and allows you to play out Pokemon FireRed.

Even a game with the graphics above and below would be perfectly acceptable for the switch as we would just prefer a Multi Media Online game that allows us to connect with our friends the way we anticipated the battle links to be when we were 10 years old.

Tons of fans have had only one dream that has been ignored by GAMEFREAK since we were little, and to be honest that was just to have more than two regions in a game. Now this is very much possible, even with better graphics than the pokemon world currently offers us.

In the image below you can see how easy it is to set up a multi regional world with tons of players like how the boys over at did, allowing them to connect, battle and train together in the Pokemon world. If a small game like this can handle that many players, then an official Pokemon game from GAMEFREAK should be able to allow you to play with people around your proximity should be very simple to create.

Though The Pokemon Company seems to love limiting themselves to a one or two regional Pokemon game that doesn’t offer the caliber of a game that they should be. We’ve seen the PokeMMO’s, we’ve seen the Minecraft Pokemon games that have all been arguably better than the recent games that have come out.

Now we do have a long, long time until the next game does come out as the Pokemon Company’s president did speak about the next game During Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation at E3, which the Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed the deepest hopes of many Pokemon fans: a Pokemon RPG game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Ishihara warned that this unnamed Pokemon game wouldn’t be out for at least a year (or more), but this is the first official confirmation that the Pokemon franchise will move over to the Nintendo Switch in the not so distant future.

So we’ll definitely not be seeing the game until 2018, which means that GAMEFREAK are most likely trying to figure out how exactly they can fit the Pokemon world inside the Nintendo switch and completely stun the likes of all of us.

Now let me tell you, if they do make the game similar to PokeMMO, or a go to the god gracious version of a Pokemon game with Skyrim graphics, then I garentee you this game will be the best game to have come from the Pokemon world, ever.

Some players and companies like IGN have already discussed how an open world MMO Pokemon game with Skyrim graphics would completely shut out the gaming world for a full year similar to how Pokemon Go did. Pokemon Go, only a fraction of what this Pokemon MMO game would be like, garnished over a billion dollars in a year just from an incomplete game. Now imagine when this game comes out.

This game is going to storm the markets, such as GameStop, Best Buy and completely out sell each game that comes out during 2018. Though fingers crossed that the Pokemon Company delivers and we all get exactly what we’re looking for.

Now they did announce what games would be coming out very shortly as Nintendo revealed Pokken Tournament DX, a version of the Pokemon fighting game that marks the franchise’s debut on Nintendo’s new console. New versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon were also revealed at the time, but will only becoming to 3DS. For now I highly suggest getting the new console and checking out Pokken Tournament.



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