How Hard It Will Be To Beat Legendary Pokemon In Raid Battles?

Since Raid Battles were introduced, Pokemon Go is back to life, there are countless players who are returning back to Pokemon Go. Players are running all around Towns at various Gyms to battle Raid Bosses, hopefully Legendary Pokemon Raids are coming soon!

At the very moment the most difficult Raid Boss battles are capped at Level 4. From what we know, Level 4 raid bosses have max CP range from 16,696 to 34,707.

 But recently a new glitched Raid Battle screenshot surfaced the internet, which may be somehow connected to Legendary Pokemon, because Pokemon Go Fest will feature Ultimate Gym. And that may be Level 5 Raid Boss Battle, with MAD 300,000 CP! That sounds perfect for the legendary Pokemon.
The Screenshot appears to show a glitched out Raid Battle screen, with an incredibly high Combat Power. Which doesn’t match for any of the current raid bosses in Pokemon Go. We cannot verify if the screenshot is Authentic or not, but it certainly looks pretty legit and the number is pretty realistic as well.
The reason I believe this is real is because The Ultimate Gym is coming to Pokemon during Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, Illinois. The exact capacity of the Park is  still unclear, but as we know that Pokemon GO Fest tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes and the permit application from Chicago Park District suggests up to 20,000 attendees could show up, so you know what’s going down.
Here is the screenshot, take a look at it:
300,000 CP may sound too high compared to our Level 4 Bosses but if we take Ultimate Gym and Pokemon Go Fest’s first ever Real World Event into account, it totally makes sense!
Let’s say Raid battle hits the capacity of 20 trainers ready to fight. Then each player would need to do about 15,000 Damage to take down the boss. And for high level players, it is definitely possible.
There’s a chance that this CP shown in the screenshot is just a placeholder and won’t actually align with the max of Level 5 Raid Bosses. We won’t know for sure until the Legendary Battle Raids are unlocked or until someone pulls out more concrete information from datamine about Level 5 Raid Bosses or Legendary Pokemon.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Pokemon Go Event and Legendary Pokemon. What do you think about the screenshot? Do you believe that is going to be max CP for Legendary Bosses?



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