How to get TM’s (Technical Machine) in Pokemon GO!

TM’s stand for Technical Machine which are used in previous Pokemon games to teach Pokemon a specific move we’d like them to learn.TMs are a reward from the newly-added Pokemon GO raid battles, players who end up competing in the raids will have the potential to acquire these items.

There are two types of TMs:

Fast TM: A Fast TM will allow a player to teach their Pokemon a fast move that required the trainer to use it by tapping the screen in battle

Charged TM: A Charged TM will teach a powerful move to your Pokemon for you to charge during these battles.

Fast TM’s drop from Pokemon GO gym raids for players level 15 and over. Ultimately, the official requirements for gym raids make it so that any participant will already be higher than level 15, so simply participating in a gym raid will give players the chance to acquire a Fast TM.

How to get a Charged TM:

Charged TMs will only drop from gym raids that are level 25 or higher. This is the minimum level for gym raids, meaning newer under level 25 will have to train in order to have access to Charged TM drops. It’s possible the level requirements for these items dropping is related to the fact that Niantic is already testing level 5 raid battles. We’re expecting the TM rewards for level 5 raid battles to be rare or simply have none at all.

Using a Fast TM or Charged TM

TMs simply exist in the item bag and can be used on Pokemon whenever a trainer wishes. There is a major difference between TMs in traditional Pokemon games and those that are found in Pokemon GO – the move they teach is assigned at random instead of you picking up a TM with Fire Blast and using it how we used to. Using a Fast TM will teach a move no matter what, though you will not be able to pick a specific move.

With that being said, there are a few key patterns that help narrow things down for when you do decide to use one of these TMs.

  • A Pokemon cannot learn a move from a TM that it already has
  • A TM will only teach what moves are available for the Pokemon you wish to use it on.

Pokemon generally are only able to learn up to 4 moves in Pokemon GO either way, so it’s not that rare to receive the move you’re looking for.

The addition of TMs in Pokemon GO allows trainers to have more control over the customization of their Pokemon and adventure. This will also make grinding a bit less rough for those trainers who grind up a specific Pokemon with good stats only to have it ruined with the wrong moveset.



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