Increase In Difficulty of Some Raid Bosses

Level 2 Raids have just gotten a bit harder in Pokemon Go. Players have discovered that all Level 2 Raid Bosses have gotten a 9.54% increase in CP , making them marginally harder than they were before.

The affected Raid Bosses are:

Electabuzz (Max CP: 12390)
Exeggutor (Max CP: 12839)
Magmar (Max CP: 12718)
Muk (Max CP: 12269)
Weezing (Max CP: 12318)
Players on the Silph Road subreddit noted that the CP was increased due to a change in how the CP is calculated as opposed to an actual increase in the Pokemon’s base stats.

The tweak is likely designed to make Level 2 raids a bit more difficult than their Level 1 counterparts. Previously, a high level player could easily beat a Level 1 or Level 2 raid on their own. While players are still reporting success completing Level 2 raids on their own, the CP increase caused players to dig a little deeper into their attack team than before.

As of the time of publication, no other Raid Bosses were affected by this tweak.Pokemon Go is still rolling out their new raid mechanic to all players. Currently, only players that are Level 20 and higher can participate in raids.

The game will eventually use the new Raid System to introduce Legendary Pokemon to players, but details about the Level 5 Legendary Raids are still under wraps.



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